About Pre EnsemblGenomes

The TGACv1 assembly of the wheat genome has now been incorporated in the main Ensembl Plants site. Please consult it there. Future genomes may be pre-released in this site, and will be advertised in the main site as applicable.

This site offers preliminary access to particular data that is not ready for full release in Ensembl Genomes. Please see the species page for each species currently available (click on the images in the right hand panel) for a full description of the data that is currently available, and for information about when full release into the Ensembl Genomes site is expected. Some data/tools usually provided for species in Ensembl Genomes may not be available e.g. comparative analysis and BioMart are not generally available for pre-site species.

Many other species with fully annotated genomic data, more website features and documentation are available at www.ensemblgenomes.org